The Power of Maths

Hi David, it’s a pleasure to speak with you. Please could you introduce yourself and Armadillo Studios to our readers?

Based in Miami, Florida, Armadillo Studios was launched in 2021 to capitalize on the thriving US gambling environment by creating titles based on market-specific logic and U.S. player preferences and this approach has paid off in spades.

I’ve been a game producer in the industry for many years and have a strong track record of creating some of the most popular and highest performing games for some of the largest gaming companies in the world. The Armadillo Studios’ team is made up of casino and slot players whose passion for games drives them to create top gambling experiences that players never forget.

Our passion for games drives us to continuously push boundaries to the next level of gaming entertainment with an emphasis catered toward the growing player base in the U.S. With a proven track record of creating world-class slot games, our team uses the latest technology to produce premium titles which will delight American slots enthusiasts.

Playing and creating games has always been a passion of mine. As a child, I would take board games like Hero Quest and Monopoly and mix-match their pieces to create custom games with new rules, which I would play with my brothers. As I got older, poker and blackjack also became a lot of fun. Gambling games have become a big part of my life, and now I take even more pleasure in developing them. I was fortunate enough to experience both the land-based U.S. games and iGaming in Europe.

The creation of Armadillo Studios was the perfect opportunity to leverage the breadth and depth of knowledge I gained over the last twelve years, which has allowed it to become a frontrunner in the U.S. tailored content.

What’s unique about your games?

We are in a truly unique position, holding all the tools to capitalize on the thriving U.S. market. Armadillo Studios creates games tailored to the U.S. market-specific logic and player preferences and our team has many years of experience and all the right skills. We know exactly what it takes to launch and maintain a top-tier slot and do everything in our power to achieve our ambitious goals.

We incorporate highly desired and rewarding features into our games and determine the ideal formula to attract and retain players, combining stunning graphics, seamless gameplay, a user-friendly interface, innovative mechanics, and immersive sounds.

We’ve released many hit titles, including the Exotic Wilds Series with the latest release Fairy Fantasy Exotic Wilds, one-of-a-kind slot The Lioness featuring MMA Champion Amanda Nunes, and others such as Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks and Hot Hot Honey Rollover Respins.

Are there any specific markets you’re focusing on?

Our games are spread across 20 markets and rising, but we have a focus on the U.S working with tier-1 brands such as BetMGM and DraftKings. As more states regulate, we’re in a leading position to grow further. Comparing just one U.S. state to Europe, such as Michigan for example, you can’t ignore the numbers. It’s a market we have expertise in and there’s a lot more growth, opportunities and revenue to come.

The U.S. iGaming market is in its early stages and regulation has been slower to achieve than sports betting but we’re confident it will accelerate. Operators and suppliers are working meticulously to secure market share as there is so much potential. In the future, it wouldn’t surprise me to see some of the world’s most popular online games originating from the U.S. iGaming market and spreading to the rest of the world.

What’s your main focus when developing new games?

The math behind the process. It helps us to understand why and how certain metrics can maximize the playing experience. The first stages of development are always great fun. Before we create a game, we brainstorm ideas and document them to see how the different mechanics and themes will work together, what has worked previously, and how a particular concept or idea would interest players.

After picking the ideas that best fit our vision, we move to the development process. I like to test those theories by playing the game or a prototype of the game myself. Mood boards, initial sound pitches, and the first rounds of art provide excitement with each iteration, especially when they come together in the right direction, providing more time to fine-tune the product.

What would you say is the reason behind your success?

I’ve worked for many companies, both on the land-based and online side in the U.S. and Europe. Since I have a lot of insight into well-known designers and the games they create. The key to success has been blending these two iGaming worlds, especially when targeting the U.S.

Our team has a proven track record of creating successful games for multiple studios, so that’s a good indication that we know how to make games that will perform. We’re confident we will continue to generate even more top-performing games that everyone loves in the U.S. and around the world.

The original version of this interview was published by 5 Star iGaming Media.