Creating fun vibes and features for Franksylvania

After Armadillo Studios’ release of its latest game, Franksylvania, CasinoBeats caught up with the EveryMatrix-owned developer’s COO David Stoveld to get the lowdown on the horror-themed slot and its many features.

Franksylvania is feature-rich; what would you pick out as the game’s highlights?

The fun vibe. There is always something going on. Whether our fun bat ‘Frank’ is summoning random colossal symbols, creating wilds, collecting different items, or engaging with the variety of our other features, you will always experience the personality of our dedicated games design team, who went the extra mile to bring joy and laughter to this spooky season.

The game includes a Trail Bonus, which is reminiscent of a common feature from traditional pub fruit machines. Are there still opportunities to learn from legacy games and adapt their features for the online audience?

The earliest memory I have of this feature is from early in my career, on the mechanical stepper Triple Double Diamond Deluxe With Cheese. It was a fun slot.

It’s always a good idea to learn from more experienced brands and their successful titles and combine that knowledge to fit with new audiences and the latest technology. It’s fascinating to see mechanics like Megaways and how they took success from the land-based slots and found a way to adapt it to mobile.

We’ve used our expertise in harnessing the potential of this model to make it work on almost video game-like experiences while still being true to the core of what online gambling players want. The Trail Bonus is the key to tying everything together on this slot, and we plan to take it further in the future, perhaps on a multiplayer mechanic.

Instant Win is another of the title’s features; how does this type of feature help to drive player engagement? And do you expect to see ‘random drop’ type features become a staple of slots as operators increasingly focus on retention?

Instant Win, along with all the other fun features this slot offers, helps players get to know our vampire, Frank, as he takes a page out of all the classic Halloween tales and makes one of his own.

Random drops and prizes are another chapter we want to get into as we take advantage of all the tools our productivity platform CasinoEngine has to offer, especially in our exciting future projects.

The game is high volatility; why did you make that choice and why do you think so many new titles now lean that way?

We also have some nice lower and mid-size wins put into the math for all the random features to keep the player on their toes, but we generally like to have very high win potential.

It’s been a signature of ours to put massive wins in the story of our most important slots to give players a chance to celebrate a lucky day with more than just a dinner for two.

Could you tell us about the thinking behind the theme of Franksylvania? And with the game coming out in the run up to Halloween, how difficult is it to stand out from the other horror-themed titles?

Naturally, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to create something unique. Our style and fun spinoff narrative of the typical Halloween is meant to offer players a refreshing experience and new twist this Halloween, and I emphasise again that we have gone above and beyond on this one with so much more than many other studios provide their customers.

How do you build longevity into a title that could be seen primarily as a seasonal acquisition tool for operators?

We’re committed to creating lasting impact. Our titles are meticulously designed to surpass seasonal trends, providing operators with a timeless acquisition tool.

While our games enhance player engagement, our core emphasis lies in crafting unforgettable experiences. We aim to develop content that not only captivates players, but also leaves a lasting impression on their gaming journey, ensuring our titles are cherished over time.

Franksylvania is available for multiple markets around the world; do you see the game as being particularly well suited to any particular audience?

Franksylvania will initially launch in eight markets, including Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. With its globally-recognised storyline and perfect timing for Halloween, this slot is bound to capture the attention of anyone who loves this theme and time of year.

And finally, what can you tell us about Armadillo’s product roadmap for the next few months?

In the next two months, we plan to release two more titles featuring our well-known Armadillo mascot as the main character. This will draw a great year to a close, during which we launched 11 games. We’ll return in full force in January with new releases bringing the extraordinary to life.

The original version of this interview was published by CasinoBeats.