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Fairy Fantasy Exotic Wilds

Witness the story of a queen who was once beloved by the entire realm and now endures endless hardships to protect her people. Blessed by the spirits with powers and granted a second life in serenity, she becomes a water fairy, maintaining her status as the guardian of the forest, forever enchanting nature and the wild with her beauty and delight. 

Fairy Fantasy is a slot game that features 243 ways to win. Each spin, one or more reels are filled with waterfalls, leaves, and/or fire, paving the way for different fantasy fairies to make their entrance for the player’s pleasure. Watch out for unicorns and other enchanted creatures for the biggest wins of up to 10x per each win way. 

Special Slot Mechanics

MAGIC REELS: This feature includes three different Exotic Wild fairies that can transform the reels and grant multipliers up to 50x. Every spin fairy magic transforms at least one reel into an element of nature corresponding to one of the three Exotic Wild fairies – earth, water, and/or fire. 

EXOTIC WILDS: Each exotic wild reel reveals a random multiplier from a range corresponding to each fairy; Earth Fairy 2x-7x, Water Fairy 3x-15x, Fire Fairy 5x-50x. 

FREE SPINS: Free spins give the player the chance to choose their preferred risk-reward level, including 10 Double Fairy Free Spins (Medium Volatility), 5 Triple Fairy Free Spins (High Volatility), or going all-in on 1 Quadruple Fairy Free Spin (Extreme Volatility). 

DOUBLE FREE SPINS CHANCE: Players can pay an extra 30% side bet to double the probability of entering the Free Spins Mode. 

BUY FREE SPINS: The player can also buy the Free Spins Mode and jump straight into the bonus, perfect for exploring all three free spin experiences in a limited time. 

TURBO MODE: This mode allows play at faster speeds with less repetitive animation and disruption. 

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Game Details

  • Game ID
    FairyFantasy / FairyFantasy96 / FairyFantasy88
  • Release Date
    27 June, 2023
  • Category
  • Volatility
  • RTP
    96% / 94% / 88%
  • Max Bet
  • Reels
  • Lines
    243 Ways
  • Features
    Exotic Wilds, Transformation Reels, Double Free Spins Chance, Buy Free Spins
  • Platforms